Terms and Their Meaning¶

A set of dataset handling policies made to match the harm a given datset may cause. See Sweeney L, Crosas M, Bar-Sinai M. Sharing Sensitive Data with Confidence: The Datatags System. Technology Science. 2015101601. October 16, 2015. http://techscience.org/a/2015101601
Decision Graph
A graph describing a decision process. Composed of various types of nodes. Defined over a tag space.
The act of a user answering a questionnaire. The PolicyModels equivalent of a program running.
A pair of matching decision graph, a policy space, metadata, and possibly value inferrers.
Policy Space
A multi-dimensional space defined by slots, which are discrete, ordinal dimensions.
Current Value
The tags being set by the interview engine. An instance of the top-level compound type. Like all such instances, defines a point in the tag space of the questionnaire.
The model developer’s main tool. This is a console application, that can be used to work with policy models. It contains many commands, e.g to create, analyze, query, visualize, inspect, and execute a policy model.
A web application that can host models online. PolicyModelsServer is an open-source project managed separatly from the main PolicyModels library and commandline environment. Its sources are available on here.