Set NodeΒΆ

A node that sets sub values in the Current Value. Multiple sub values can be set by the same node.

Set nodes are through nodes - after updating the current value, the engine goes on to the next node.

The below examples use the following policy space:

DataTags: consists of Mid1, Mid2.
Mid1: consists of Bottom1, Bottom2.
Mid2: consists of Bottom2, Bottom3.
Bottom1: one of b1a, b1b, b1c.
Bottom2: some of of b2a, b2b, b2c.
Bottom3: one of b3a, b3b, b3c.

Putting the value b1a in the atomic slot DataTags/Mid1/Bottom1:

[set: DataTags/Mid1/Bottom1=b1a]

Adding the values b2b and b2c to the aggregate slot DataTags/Mid2/Bottom2:

[set: DataTags/Mid2/Bottom2+=b2b, b2c]

Combining these operations in the same node:

[set: DataTags/Mid1/Bottom1=b1a; DataTags/Mid2/Bottom2+={b2b, b2c}]

For brevity, it is possible to use unique suffixes instead of the full path. The below examples are equivalent to the former one:

[set: Mid1/Bottom1=b1a; Mid2/Bottom2+=b2b, b2c]
[set: Bottom1=b1a; Mid2/Bottom2+=b2b, b2c]

Note that we could not further abbreviate Mid2/Bottom2 to Bottom2, as slot DataTags/Mid1 also contains a sub-slot called Bottom2. Thus, referencing just Bottom2 would be ambiguous, and is therefore not supported.