Aggregate SlotΒΆ

A slot that contains a set of values from its item type. Aggregate slots can be used to logically group multiple Atomic Slots that have only yes/no values. They are defined using the some of keyword. Below is a definition of an aggregate slot describing the different possible types of data subjects, that might be harmed if the dataset is misused:

ProtectedDataSubjects: some of livingPersons, deadPeople,
                               endangeredSpecies, rareMinerals.

Semantically, this is equivalent of creating four atomic slots:

DataSubject_LivingPersons: one of yes, no.
DataSubject_DeadPeople: one of yes, no.
DataSubject_EndangeredSpecies: one of yes, no.
DataSubject_RareMinerals: one of yes, no.

So, clearly, aggregate slots allow logical grouping of atomic slots while saving keystrokes.

As with Atomic Slot, description can be added to the slot and to its possible values:

ProtectedDataSubjects [The type of entities that could be harmed by misuse of the data]: some of
  livingPersons [Living persons - including privacy issues],
  deadPeople [They don't know they're dead],
  endangeredSpecies [Endangered species need protection from poachers],
  rareMinerals [Disclosing location of rare minerals might lead to illegal mining].