Compound SlotΒΆ

A compound slot, defined using the consists of keyword, consists of other slots, referred to as sub-slots. These slots can be of any type. Compound slots do not define tag space dimensions directly. Rather, they are are used to logically group other slots. Below is a compound slot defining the handling part of a dataset policy:

Handling: consists of Storage, Transit, Authentication.

It is assumed that Storage, Transit, and Authentication are defined somewhere else in the .ts file. If you want to include a field that is not implemented yet, you can use the TODO definition, as explained in Top-Down Support.

A compound slot can have a description as well:

Handling [Practical aspects of the developed dataset policy]:
    consists of Storage, Transit, Authentication.


Note that unlike the other slots, the value list cannot contain descriptions. In the above example, adding Storage [How the data are stored] will generate an error during parsing. To add a description to Storage, add it to its definition (Storage: one of ...`)